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5 Reasons to Tour with Wild Sherpas

Updated: Mar 10

Whether you're a seasoned adventure touring rider or a more casual motorcyclist, our tours have something for everyone looking for adventure on two wheels. Here are five reasons to ride with us in the Dinaric Alps.

  1. Sensible adventure bikes: A Ducati Multistrada, BMW R1300GS, and other behemoths are great for crossing continents. But something slightly more diminutive in size, weight, and power makes more sense on our terrain. Sub-500cc motorcycles like our Royal Enfield Himalayan models are safer, easier to ride, and more fun.

  2. Unforgettable scenery: The Dinaric 650 and the Dinaric 900 tours are exciting and beautiful. The pace, diverse terrain, variation in road qualities, endless views, and interesting stops make these compact tours as intense and fulfilling as more expensive tours twice as long. 

  3. Value for time and money: We relate if finding a spare 10-15 days and enough cash to buy a good second-hand bike seems like a pipe dream. The Dinaric tours are intended to scratch any motorcycle itch with a dose of unforgettable riding that doesn't break the bank. We've nothing against long road trips, but our partners, kids, and jobs often do. 

  4. Not too challenging: If you're not a very experienced rider, are returning to motorcycling, or are looking for a measured challenge to improve your on- and off-road skills, the Dinaric tours are an opportunity to do that. In fact, you may ignite or reignite a passion that leads to a round-the-world trip. You've been warned.

  5. Experienced guides: We've been guiding adventure sports around the region for over a decade, and we're excited about having a pack of new motorcycles from our friends at Royal Enfield. We can't wait to show you the places we know and explore ones we couldn't reach previously. This is as exciting for us as it is for you.

Views to the Adriatic Sea on Day 2.
Views to the Adriatic Sea on Day 2

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