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  • Who are these tours for?
    Wild Sherpa tours are scrambles in the mountains suited to riders with a couple of years of solid motorcycling experience. The routes are primarily (90%) on small asphalt roads with some non-technical off-road sections that can easily be ridden by those who are confident in their motorcycling skills, even if they have yet to spend significant time off-road. Tourism is a core component of these rides, as there's no better way to see Montenegro than by motorcycle, so it's about more than just the riding. We visit places and see things a tiny fraction of Montenegrins have, much less visitors to the country. While our tours are compact, they are deep immersions in both the sport of motorcycling and the geography and culture of Montenegro.
  • What should I expect over to see on the tour?
    As a reflection of the topography in the Dinaric Alps, you will see a variety of terrain as you wind up and down mountains, ascending and descending hundreds of meters of altitude in minutes. You'll see remnants of the past civilizations that controlled the region: ancient walls, olive groves, fortresses, monuments, and abandoned villages of yore. Especially in the spring and autumn, the small roads you'll ride will be, by and large, free of any traffic, and you'll ride for hours without seeing a traffic light. To say the terrain is mountainous is an understatement; the Kotor region alone has more than 120 named peaks. Overall, the Dinaric tours are steps back into old Europe, devoid of overdevelopment and free of modern civilization, where speed cameras have no place.
  • What should I wear while riding, and what do I need after the day's tour is over?
    You'll need a road legal helmet, eye protection (goggles, visor, etc.). We highly recommend gloves and suitable sturdy boots with ankle protection, as well as motorcycle jackets and pants with CE rated level 1 armor. Waterproofs are also suggested if there is a forecast of rain. If you require any of the items mentioned above, they can be rented from us. As we're constantly in the mountains, and our accommodations are in the mountains, we recommend a liner for riding and a sweater or fleece for the evening, even in summer. We also suggest a bathing suits as we can stop and swim once in the Adriatic and there's a pool at the Monte Rosa Hotel.
  • What gear is included on the motorcycle?
    Besides the motorcycle itself, two panniers*, a tank bag, and long-range walkie talkie to be used for coms when there aren't mobile services available. There is a facility to charge mobile phones through a USB - A type connector. *The panniers consist of a 20L (pictured) on the exhaust side, and a 40L. The tank bag is also around 15 liters. We suggest packing as lightly as possible. A backpack is a good way to add additional storage and the best option if you are bringing a laptop. At the moment we are not supplying navigators or phone holders however you are welcome to bring your own. .
  • What kind of terrain will we be riding through?
    The Dinaric 650 takes in three distinct regions of the country, and the Dinaric 900 takes in four areas, each with its own character. As you wind from region to region, each day will be a new discovery. Most of the day's riding is on thin ribbons of winding asphalt, often broken and undulating. Each day also includes riding on even smaller, hardpacked dirt tracks into the mountains; you'll spend time exploring roads that lead somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes nowhere in the middle of nowhere. Day 1 is a survey of the Adriatic Sea and Bay of Kotor, with views of or from mountains in every direction. Day 2 starts like a yo-yo, some 2700 meters up and down in just 75 minutes, before settling in to skirt Rijeka Crnojevica, the river that feeds Skadar Lake, and then skirting the Lake itself, winding side-to-side and undulating until you reach a flat plane in the south, and get a close look at the other regional culture with its minarets and prayer calls, as you approach the Albanian border, and the Ulcinj Opstina, home to Montenegro's Muslim population, and of course more mountains. Day 3 offers a detailed view of life yesteryear in central Montenegro; the hardscrabble existence people still experience living rurally in the Western Balkans. Day 4 explores the mountains in the north, with peaks like Bobotov Kuk dominating a truly unique landscape, the Alps with their own particular character. Expect alpine forests, glacial lakes, and the cleanest air in Europe.
  • Can we customize an itinerary and add other activities to our tour?
    We're happy to customize private itineraries from a single individual to large groups. We can incorporate non-motorcycling activities like rafting, hiking or canyoning, or add gastronomic or cultural accents to tours, as an example. Please email us at or call us at +38269190190 to design a unique adventure.
  • I'm a willing pillion without a ride. Can I join a group ride on someone's bike?
    Unfortunately, no. But you can book a private ride with a guide. It is best to reach out by email at or call +38269190190 to discuss times and itinerary.
  • How do I book a tour?
    Use the booking button on the tour's calendar page to secure your place on the tour of your choice.
  • Are bookings refundable?
    Your booking is not refundable, however, you can change he date of your tour provided you inform us of the desired change 30 days prior to the tour departure.
  • Can I make changes to my booking within less than 30 days of the departure?
    Date changes are permitted based on availability until 30 days before a tour's departure. Last minute (less than 30 days) changes may be possible at an additional cost related to the hotel room charges.
  • Are there alternate ways to pay that don't involve debit/credit cards?
    Yes, you can pay by Revolut, Wise, or with a bank transfer. To learn how, please contact us by WhatsApp +38269190190 or email
  • What's included in my Dinaric 650 tour?
    A Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle, 411 or 450. Two nights of accommodation at the Monte Rosa Hotel and one night's accommodation in Tivat or Podgorica on the last evening. Two breakfasts and two dinners at the Monte Rosa hotel. Lunches aren't included. Luggage storage in Tivat for anything you don't need during the tour. Panniers on the bikes for what you are taking with you. First tank of fuel. The second and third tanks are you. You'll need just the three tanks for the three days of riding at a cost of around €24. Statutory 3rd party liability insurance (see more about insurance in the insurance section of the FAQ)
  • What's insurable and what's not?
    Included in your rental or tour is 3rd party liability coverage which is what it sounds like; this insurance covers the other parties in the event of an accident, but does not cover yourself, or the motorcycle. We strongly suggest that you purchase and international personal accident insurance specific to motorcycle tours. One recommended resource is: Concerning the motorcycle, we offer a partial loss policy for €22 (£19) per day which covers most of the cost of damage to the motorcycle, however as an additional motivation to be careful to not crash or drop your bike, there's a €350 (£300) deductible, meaning the first €350 (£300) of damage must be paid out of pocket in the case of an accident. Of course, if the damage is minor, we'll adjust the damage amount accordingly, but if the motorcycle is out of service for any length of time waiting for parts, the deductible may be chargeable, at our discretion. Flat tires and normal scratches are not chargeable.
  • What's expected of me?
    You treat the bike with the same respect that you treat your own. You ride within your limits at all times and acknowledge that there is no obligation to keep up with the rider in front. You only attempt terrain that you deem suitable to your ability. There is no obligation to ride anything you don’t want to. You agree to ride responsibly around other riders. You agree to remain behind the lead rider at all times. You agree to declare any medical condition or history that may be detrimental to your participation. You agree to release Wild Sherpas from any liability related to your operation of the motorcycle that you are using. You agree that Wild Sherpas can end my tour if my behavior is considered dangerous to myself or any other person. You agree that you have sole responsibility for your own actions and personal safety and that you must ride to your own abilities and conditions. You have dynamic control of the bike at all times. You agree that you shall not consume alcohol or drugs before or during the ride. You agree that you have not been convicted of any motoring offence involving drink or drugs in the last 5 years. You accept that motorcycling is an inherently dangerous pursuit and there is of course risk of injury, disablement and death. You accept that there is no personal injury insurance offered, only the bike is covered in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions herein, therefore if you are self employed you might want to consider some income protection insurance such as with
  • How do I book a motorcycle rental?
    There's a booking button that will take you to the order page. Just follow the instructions, and if you have any questions, send us a message at +38269190190.
  • How do I book gear rental?
    A booking button (coming soon) will take you to the order page. We'll have helmets, jackets, and other necessary riding gear in various sizes available to rent.
  • Can you deliver a motorcycle to me, or pick one up at the end of a rental?
    Usually, yes, but it depends on a staff member's availability. The cost is €1 per kilometer traveled, calculated from Tivat and back to Tivat. For example, if we deliver a motorcycle to Budva, the price will be around €50.
  • Can I rent a helmet and other motorcycle gear?
    Yes, we carry a full line of outerwear and motorcycle helmets. Please see the price list here.
  • Can I book gear in advance?
    Yes, if you won't be bringing your own gear, we recommend booking gear rentals in advance to ensure you get the desired sizes.
  • Do I have to book gear in advance?
    No, however, to ensure you get the desired sizes, it's suggested that you do so.
  • What are the closest airports?
    Tivat is the closest and most convenient airport to our location. It's minutes from where we begin. Podgorica and Dubrovnik airports each take about 90 minutes, however there is a border and ferry crossing that can make it much longer than that to reach us at Dubrovnik. It's also much more expensive and arrive in Tivat, or return to Dubrovnik.
  • Which airlines fly to Tivat from the UK?
    A number of airlines, including easyJet and Jet2, fly from several airports. We have prepared an airline time table that you can use as a reference. We can't guarantee that this remains correct, so please double check.
  • Which airlines fly to Podgorica from the UK?
    A number of airlines, including WizzAir and Ryanair, fly from several airports. We have prepared an airline flights table that you can use as a reference. We can't guarantee that this remains correct, so please double check.
  • Which airlines fly to Dubrovnik from the UK?
    A lot. We suggest that you use Google Flights or Sky Scanner to check the options for flights to/from Dubrovnik.
  • How do I reach Tivat from Podgorica?
    There are two ways. You can taxi to a bus at Podgorica bus station, and then bus to Tivat or Kotor, or a taxi directly to Tivat. The cost of the former is €15 by taxi to bus station, and less than €10 for a bus to Tivat. The taxi to Tivat directly is around €75 and we recommend Tesla Taxis.
  • Which airlines fly to Montenegro from other locations?
    Please check Google Flights or Sky Scanner for flights to Tivat (Tiv) or Podgorica (TGD).
  • I have an A2 license but have only been riding for a few months. Is this tour suitable for me?
    The A2 license permits you to ride all the motorcycles we have on offer. Our tours are not on heavily trafficked roads. However, rural road conditions can offer up the unexpected, from cows to loose gravel and poorly marked hazards, and you will sometimes need to ride off asphalt. The off-road riding would not be considered single-track or technical. Therefore, you need to determine your skills and decide whether this is a challenge that you feel comfortable taking.
  • I am a very experienced motorcyclist. Would I consider this a challenging route?
    The tours are only a few days, but the routes are highly varied. You will experience challenging road conditions, sometimes for hours at a time. Expect loose and broken gravel, constant twisty roads, and undulating pavement.
  • I am vegan/vegetarian or have special dietary needs. Can these be catered to?
    Finding food to meet most dietary needs is generally possible, but you may have a limited selection in some restaurants. If this is important, please let us know. A fantastic vegan restaurant/café in Budva can be reached on the tour.
  • How do you deal with environmental cost associated with motorcycling?
    We are acutely aware of the environmental footprint of our motorcycling, and we are actively looking for opportunities to mitigate it. We are presently negotiating an opportunity in forestry management with the Ministry for Sustainable Development to protect a tract of old-growth forest in exchange for payment and thereby create a carbon offset. This project can have a more significant impact over time, but it will take a while to get started. In the meantime, we utilize to offset our own activity and promote it to our clients as a step in the right direction. We look forward to the day when motorcycling is a carbon-positive activity.
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