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Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 vs 450: What's the Difference?

If you’ve looked around our site, you may have noticed two different motorcycles with very similar names. The Royal Enfield Himalayan comes in two variants: the Himalayan 411 and the Himalayan 450. One is a newer version of the other, and both excel at adventure touring in similar ways. However, there are some key differences riders should know about.

What’s the difference?

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 is the original Himalayan that debuted in 2016. It came out as a clean-sheet design of a new single-cylinder adventure bike and a major departure from the brand’s usual fare. It’s powered by Royal Enfield’s first-ever SOHC engine and has 411 cc’s of displacement.

The biggest difference between the Himalayan 411 and Himalayan 450 is the new chassis and engine. The Himalayan 450 is powered by a 452cc liquid-cooled (another Royal Enfield first) single-cylinder engine. The new “Sherpa” engine is bigger, more powerful (40 hp vs 24 hp), and a little lighter than the 411cc mill in the earlier Himalayan.

The Himalayan 450 also improves off-road capability with a new Showa suspension system with longer travel and higher ground clearance than the Himalayan 411. On the technology front, the Himalayan boasts four ride modes (Performance and Eco power maps with ABS on or off) and a Google Maps navigation system on its round digital display.

Which is better?

On paper, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 beats the Himalayan 411 in every measurable way. The performance, technology, and off-road capability are just plain better. That being said, we have a soft spot for the Himalayan 411. The earlier Himalayan has a distinct aesthetic and character we can’t help but love. We also like the quirky gauge cluster that blends analog and digital displays.

The most important thing the two motorcycles have in common is the outstanding off-road capability and easy rideability of a single-cylinder adventure bike.

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