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The Dinaric Alps 

Meets The Himalayans

Unforgettable motorcycle tours through the wilds of Europe from less than €1000.

What We Offer

Compact 3 & 4 day motorcycle tours, easily combined with family holidays.

Riding medium-weight Royal Enfield 411 & 450 Himalayan motorcycles.

Ride diverse routes through a variety of terrain types and road surfaces.

Arrive-&-ride: hotels, gastronomy, gear, and logistics, all sorted.

Map of Montenegro
Wild Sherpa Tours

We outfit and guide adventure motorcycle tours, mixing rural asphalt with non-technical, off-road routes in beautiful Montenegro on Royal Enfield Himalayans. These unforgettable tours are geared toward newer riders, those returning to the saddle, or anyone looking for an affordable adventure in big mountains.

Map of Montenegro

 The Motorcycles

The Himalayan 411 and the new Himalayan 450 share a single purpose; to get you where you want to go. The differences are in how; if the mandate is simplicity, ease and comfort, the 411 is  king, however for acute performance on all roads and no roads, the 450 ends the conversation. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan 411
Royal Enfield Himalayan 450
Montenegro Motorcycle Tour

The Dinaric 650

​The 3-Day "Dinaric 650" is the perfect pocket-sized motorcycle adventure.

Montenegro Motorcycle Tour

The Dinaric 900

The 4-Day "Dinaric 900" is an epic exploration of Montenegro from the high mountains to the sea.

Montenegro Motorcycle Tour

The Tet 750

4 days of on-road, off-road touring including Montenegro's TET.

Montenegro Motorcycle Tour

The Coastal 150

A day of self-guided motorcycle adventuring with a dash of culture.

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