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The 4-Day "Dinaric 900" is an epic exploration of Montenegro from the high mountains to the sea.

Like the Dinaric 650, the Dinaric 900 covers Montenegro's mountainous coastline on various road surfaces, including some non-technical, off-road segments over four days of riding. Additionally, the Dinaric 900 spends a day trekking in the high mountains of Montenegro's Durmitor National Park, and -- ground conditions permitting -- you'll cover 30km off-road on the TET. Expect long days in the saddle in challenging conditions, with repeated ascents and descents as you traverse the Dinaric Alps with panoramic views in every direction.

The Dinaric 900

Dinaric 900 price includes:

Hotel (half-board) for four nights, 1st tank of fuel, basic insurance (See FAQ: "Insurance")

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Himalayan 450








Hours Up


Nights Away



Tour Itinerary

Day 1. Coastal Montenegro

We have lunch at Bar11, about 5 minutes from Tivat Airport, at 12:30 pm. If you're flying in that morning, we'll pick you up from Tivat Airport; if you're staying in the Tivat/Kotor area the night before the tour, the taxi cost will be about €10-15 to reach the restaurant.

After lunch and a general orientation, we'll take a quick ride to the garage to get the motorcycles, where we will have a briefing on their operation and discuss tips to stay safe on the tour.

Any excess luggage you want to store can be safely left where we pick up the motorcycles. There's a locked box for any valuables you need to store safely. You must take your passport on the tour to check into the Monte Rosa Hotel.

We'll head off around the Lustica Peninsula and, for the next few hours, ride a spaghetti-like route around the coast between Kotor, Tivat, and Budva. Then, we will visit some of the Austro-Hungarian fortresses and Lovcen National Park, where the Monte Rosa Hotel is located, arriving there around 6 pm.

Maps are only approximate and don't include off-road portions of the day's riding.

Day 2. Southern Montenegro

After breakfast, we leave the hotel at 8:30 am and immediately drop down from 1,250 meters above sea level to sea level and to "Rijeka Crnojevica," a primordial, lily-covered river that feeds into Skadar Lake. We'll ride parallel to the river into Virpazar and then skirt Skadar Lake down to the nearby Albanian border, where we'll have lunch. The morning's road conditions are generally good: twisty, undulating asphalt, with the road getting more broken as we get farther south, with loose gravel being a common occurrence.

Expect no straight sections of more than 50 meters for more than 100 km. After lunch, we'll head for the mountains that straddle Skadar Lake and the Adriatic Coast to test our bikes with some daunting and beautiful off-road riding. Towards evening, we'll climb back into Lovcen National Park to the hotel and eat dinner.

Day 3. Northern Montenegro

After breakfast at approximately 8:30 we'll head to Žabljak, our destination, in the Durmitor National Park. Much of the day's riding is on excellent asphalt for touring, windy two lane roads with ascents and descents through the foothills and around mountains as we work our way towards Montenegro's highest peak, Bobatov Kuk, which rises to 2523 meters. Sections of off-road riding on hard packed roads will enhance the experience.

Here is an approximate route.

Day 4. Western Montenegro

Departing from Zablljak in the morning after breakfast we'll head towards and into Bosnia straddling the western part of Montenegro, enjoying the mountainous terrain and riding our way through conifer forests as we head south toward Orjen Mountain, the largest mountain on the coast.

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